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S84-ex/S86-ex Memory Slot Designations

In MEMORY MODE menu, you can specify/define the slot number for the memory card location. This menu option sets the memory storage designation for each card slot for use with the Memory card command (see Additional Notes below for specific print language definitions).
A total of three slots can be set (Slot 0-2) to be allocated to one of the following memory options:

• RAM (on-board printer/volatile memory)

• FROM (Flash ROM - on-board printer/non-volatile memory)

• SD (SD card)

• USB (USB memory)


To avoid memory or CARD R/W errors, ensure you have designated the correct slot number and memory type selection and you have FORMATTED the memory option.

To access the SLOT SETTING, place printer OFFLINE and press [ENTER] button to access menu

Use directional keys to select MEMORY MODE and press [ENTER] button

On SLOT SETTING, use directional arrow to select YES and press [ENTER] button

On the CARD SLOT SELECT menu, you can change the selection/designation for the appropriate memory option. Below are the default designations:

Note: you cannot specify the same memory option for different slot designations. You must also FORMAT the memory option in Memory Mode to be able to use it with the printer.

Additional Notes (Drive Designations for Printer Language):

SATO (SBPL) Emulation:
CC0, CC1, CC2 commands correspond to the slot number designation within Memory Mode menu for storage/recall.

Datamax (SDPL) Emulation:
Module F, H, I : USB
Module B, G, Z: ROM
others(default): RAM

Zebra (SZPL) Emuation:
A: USB Type A port
B: SD Card
E: Flash Memory

Intermec (SIPL) Emulation:
Intermec Emulation does not use modules or drive designations. All formats are stored in FROM for SIPL