Benefits of Using SATO FreshLoc2Go Tamper Evident Safe Seal Labels

  • Permanent adhesive prevents the labels from being peeled off cleanly. When peeled, the label will separate to indicate tampering.
  • Usable on a variety of take-out containers and delivery bags including paper, foam and plastic.
  • Pre-printed with safety sealed text and icon for easy identification.
  • Labels are ready to be hand-applied with ease.

Red round

2" Round Labels

The universal size of these 2" round labels allows them to be easily used on a variety of packaging shapes and sizes.

Available in red and green.

Double long

1.5" x 4" Labels

The longer design of these 1.5" x 4" labels is ideal for larger food containers or for instances where the label needs to fold over a bag or container to properly seal it.

Available in red and green.

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