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S84ex/86ex - Format Memory Option

To be able to use either a SD Card or USB Flash Memory option in the SATO S84-ex/S86-ex print engine, it will require you to first format the memory in order to create file structure for utilizing printer features such as updating firmware, emulations, printer settings, standalone printing functions.

Steps to Format Memory Option (SD Card/USB Flash Drive):

  1. Insert memory option in S84-ex/S86-ex print engine – verify icon appears on the LCD for the designated memory option installed.
    1. USB Flash Memory is inserted inside front cover in upper-left corner
    2. SD Card Memory is inserted in the slot located on Interface board of print engine
  2. With printer OFFLINE, press [ENTER] button to access menu – use directional keys to select MEMORY MODE and press [ENTER] button
  3. At SLOT SETTING, select NO and press [ENTER] and advance to Memory Mode menu
  4. Once at the Memory Mode menu, use the directional arrows to select FORMAT and press [ENTER] button and the select memory option you choose to format and press [ENTER]
  5. Next you will receive confirmation to format the selected memory option – select YES to MEMORY FORMAT and YESto FORMAT START – the memory option will now be formatted and beep 3 times once completed – press [ENTER]button to return to MEMORY MODE and the [FUNCTION] button twice to return to normal operation


The contents of the memory option formatted in SATO S84-ex/S86-ex print engine will consist of the following folder structure:

PR61: Parent folder off of root of drive designation

  • CONF: configuration files
  • DATA: data
  • EMUL: emulation update/files
  • FONT: stored/downloaded bitmap fonts
  • LOG: log information
  • PROG: program/firmware files
  • RAS: stored/downloaded raster fonts (TTF)
  • WLAN: wireless network setting/certificates
  1. The folders under the [PR61] are created by formatting the memory card in the SATO S84-ex/S86-ex print engine. Make sure to format the memory card in the Memory Mode prior to use.
  2. Data saving/reading may not be possible when the memory card is formatted in other than the memory card mode such as Windows.
  3. Do not change the file name or folder name under the [PR61] folder.
  4. Do not save files other than released (or uploaded) firmware or fonts in the [PROG] and [FONT] folder. When other than released (or uploaded) files are saved in the [PROG] or [FONT] folder, the printer behavior of downloading or after downloading may be incorrect.
  5. It is recommended the print engine is powered off when inserting or removing the memory card on the printer.
  6. Never remove the memory card while the printer is accessing to it. The data on the memory card may be destroyed.
  7. The memory card that is formatted with NTFS cannot be used.

External Memory Capacity:

  • SD Card: Maximum 2GB
  • SDHC Card: Minimum 4GB-Maximum 32GB
  • USB Flash Memory: Maximum 32GB