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Travel & Leisure Industry Printing Solutions

HOSPITALITY - From curbside check-in, faster hotel registration, to boarding passes, SATO's thermal barcode printing solutions help satisfy customer needs efficiently.

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal when you're in the hospitality business and maintaining that premium level of service is easier with solutions from SATO.

Whether it's curbside check-in, mobile event ticketing or VIP gaming cards, desktop and mobile thermal printers from SATO are at your service to help exceed customer expectations.

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  • Event Registration and Name Badge
  • Event Tickets
  • Mobile Printing
  • On Demand Short Run Labeling
  • Receipt Printing
  • Rental Car Ticketing
  • Route Accounting
  • Routing Labels
  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • Seasonal Games
  • Show Badges
  • Special Offers & Promotions
  • Ticketing
  • Inventory Management
  • Field Service
  • Customer Identification
Applicable Products
CG2 Series 2-Inch Desktop Thermal Barcode PrinterCG2 Series CG4 Series 4-Inch Desktop Barcode Thermal Printer
CG4 Series
CT4i High Volume Desktop Thermal Printer will print continuously, without pausing between labels, even with changes in data and graphics on every label.C4Ti Series MB200i 2-inch Mobile Thermal Printer for Label and Receipt Printing, Price Marking, and Point of SaleMB2i Series MB4i 4-inch Mobile Thermal Printers for Label and Receipt Printing, Price Marking, and Point of SaleMB4i Series SATO RFID products include everything you need to write to Smart labels for RFID applications. From Hardware, Software to Consumables!RFID


Krispy Verification System

The doughnut maker's box labels go round and round -- but they always end up in exactly the right place, thanks to a custom labeling solution. How fast do production lines have to go?

Portable Printing on the Move

At many companies with a highly mobile workforce that uses label or receipt printer, portable thermal printers increase the productivity.

Thermal-Transfer Printed Badges

Austin Travel goes the distance with SATO's proven CL412 printer for business conference badges.

Making Bets and Winning

Whether you plan to place a straight bet, split bet or a special bet, you want your keno ticket to print out very fast-and your casino host wants its name sharp and clear on that 80-grid ticket. Imagineering Systems, the world's largest computerized keno maker, hit the jackpot on both numbers with a new direct thermal desktop printer, the CT4i from SATO America.

Track/Trace Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

Today’s manufacturers, regardless of what they produce, have no choice but to follow private sector and government required mandates.

Pine Islands Nursery - Harvesting the Benefits of Better Labeling

Harvesting the Benefits of Better Labeling Colorful, informative tags help fruit tree producer stand out

Claudes Sauces

Switching from glass to a PET bottle and the installation of a new packaging line is paying big dividends for Claude's Sauces, Inc.

Produce Company Overcomes Labeling Challenge

Packaging labels play a key role in the supply chain. A well-designed label communicates important product information, helps manufacturers and shippers comply with government and industry regulations and standards, and (if bar codes are involved) acts as the cornerstone for automated tracking and shipping applications.

Dish Network implements SATO 2-Sided Thermal (2ST) printing

DISH Network, a Fortune 200 company and the third largest paid TV provider with millions of customers and thousands of employees nationwide, determined they needed a more efficient, customer-centric process for receiving and shipping refurbished set-top boxes to their customer base from their service centers.

Precision print/apply system for newspaper bundles

New labeling approach helps The Washington Post implement high-efficiency 'microzone' advertising project.


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