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We’re a leading provider of barcode application solutions for the healthcare marketplace. Comprehensive and affordable healthcare solutions to reduce your cost of operation, improve the quality of identification – all while empowering healthcare professionals with the tools to enhance their data collection needs.

  • Patient Tracking
  • Patient ID and Safety
  • Laboratories
  • RFID Asset Tracking
  • Pharmacy
  • Secure Parcel Tracking
  • Supply Room Inventory

If you’re implementing BPOC (barcode point of care) verification systems or similar patient safety technologies, our solutions help you meet the demanding requirements of the FDA, AHA, HIPAA and JCAHO industry guidelines for patient identification wristbands and labels.

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DuraMark™ Wristbands
            for Safe Patient Identification for Adult, Pediatric and Infant Care   Neonatal Secure ID™ Bands for Identification of Neonatal Patients and Newborns   SATO Thermals Printer for Healthcare Applications



Neonatal Bands


Thermal Printers


Pharmaceutical distributor cuts day of safety stock

Canada's Medis increases shipping productivity and inventory control accuracy with barcode-based automated warehouse.

Patient education service cures informed-consent issues

Medical facilities have resolved the informed-consent dilemma with animated, multimedia and multi-technology vignettes from Vital in Bellevue, WA. The simple patient education and consent service, called VITAL Center, helps surgery candidates understand the medical procedure they'll undergo, optimizes a physician's limited patient time and improves the patient/physician relationship.

Portable Printing on the Move

At many companies with a highly mobile workforce that uses label or receipt printer, portable thermal printers increase the productivity.

Track/Trace Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

Today’s manufacturers, regardless of what they produce, have no choice but to follow private sector and government required mandates.

The Right Rx for Label Accuracy

In the medical packaging industry, accurate labeling is critical; labels must comply with federal device labeling and tracking protocols. The new labeling procedure including proprietary, easy-to-use software and SATO America CL Series thermal barcode printers, offers a firm foundation for their new label printing process including excellent reliability - a must for medical device manufacturers.

Use RFID/GPS Solutions To Land More Customers

This RFID (radio frequency identification) integrator plans to grow its sales 100% this year by combining RFID and GPS (global positioning system) technologies.