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Helping hospitals lower their costs and optimize their resource allocation to enhance patient care and contribute to patient safety.

SATO's RFID wristbands solve many of the common challenges hospitals and care facilities face, including: controlling the risk of infection and contamination, avoiding disturbance of resting patients and having visibility of where patients are on-premises.

  • Identify patients from up to 6.5-feet away and without staff-to-patient contact, reducing the risk of illness transmission.
  • Read the RFID inlay through blankets, allowing for identity verification without disturbing the patient.
  • Monitor the movements of patients with strategically placed RFID readers so staff can be alerted immediately of any unexpected movement beyond defined areas.
CT4 RFID Wristband 1


  • Anti-Microbial
  • Water Resistant
  • Direct Thermal Imaging
  • Adhesive Closure

Environmentally Friendly

  • SATO designed RFID tags are manufactured using environmentally friendly methods. Made without chemical solvents to prevent release of waste fluid, they also contain no plastic substrates to reduce plastic waste. Unused aluminum in their manufacturing process is also recycled to minimize waste.
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