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SBPL - Command Error

SBPL Command Error

Printer feedback when detecting a command error:

When Show Error is set to ENABLE in Application mode, the command error information is shown on the error message (second line), and the print operation is paused.

This error can be cleared by pressing the LINE button, but the data in which an error was detected is discarded and cannot be printed.

Error Format - Caaa:<bb>:cc

Location of error occurrence

'Caaa' in the command error message shows the location of command error.

The number of ESC commands from ESC+A is shown in 'aaa'.

Note:The ESC+A command is not included in the number of ESC commands, which can be shown up to 999. If the number of ESC commands exceeds 999, it is shown as '999'.

Error command name

The command name, in which an error was detected, is shown in '<bb>'.

Error code

The cause of command error will be indicated in code in 'cc' where an error is being shown.

Code <cc>Cause


Analyzed improper command.


Received improper parameter.


Analyzed improper graphic and external character data.


Specified memory area (card slot) is inappropriate. Tried to write on a write-protected media.


Number specified by registration command has already taken.


Exceeded the registration area. (Memory full).


Data is not registered.


The specified print start position is outside the printable area.


The printing image is outside the printable area. (Barcode only).


When a command error is detected by Horizontal Print Position <H> command.

-------: [ESC]A
C001: [ESC]V100
C002: [ESC]H99999 => Location of the command error
C003: [ESC]L0202
C005: [ESC]Q1
C006: [ESC]Z

In this case, C002 is the location of error.

*Note: Show Error feature is disabled by default on the CL4NX. This feature is also available on the S84/6ex series printers under the Advanced Mode > COMMAND ERROR>