SBPL - SATO Barcode Program Language (SBPL)

What is the SATO Barcode Program Language (SBPL)?
The SATO Barcode Program Language is a SATO unique program language that is used to communicate from the PC to the printer to define the label format and label printing program as well as setting of the printer operational mode.

Standard vs. Non-Standard

The use of SATO Barcode Command Sequences is based using the ASCII ESCape sequences and how the printer interprets such syntax of the data stream being sent to the printer. On most SATO printers, it is a matter of selecting via DSW2-7, or on others navigating to appropriate menu selection. On the CX or CT Series, you must send the LD command sequence to define character used for the function to be executed. Refer to the E+ Programming Reference for specifics and use of this command.

Below is a table which outlines the Standard (ESC) character and the default characters used for Non-Standard values:

Character ControlStandardNon-StandardDescription


02 Hex = ? (nonprintable)

7B Hex = {

Start of Data


03 Hex = ♥ (nonprintable)

7D Hex= }

End of Data


1B Hex = ← (nonprintable)

5E Hex = ^

Command code to follow


05 Hex = ♣ (nonprintable)

40 Hex = @

Get printer status, Bi-Com


18 Hex = ↑ (nonprintable)

21 Hex = !

Cancel print job, Bi-Com


40 Hex = @

5D Hex = ]

Take printer Off-Line