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S84ex/S86ex - Download Mode

This download feature allows the operator to download data (firmware, font/logo, TrueType font, configuration) from the host computer through the interface, SD card or USB memory and write in the Flash ROM memory.

Steps to download printer information using (SD Card/USB Flash Drive) on S84-ex/S86-ex models:

1. Insert formatted memory option in S84-ex/S86-ex print engine – verify icon appears on the LCD for the designated memory option installed.

  1. USB Flash Memory is inserted inside front cover in upper-left corner
  2. SD Card Memory is inserted in the slot located on Interface board of print engine

2. Power print engine on holding [DOWN] button – at the audible beep, release the button to boot into DOWNLOAD mode. Use the directional keys to select SD CARD or USB MEMORY – press [ENTER]

3. On the DOWNLOAD SELECT screen, choose which item you want to save to selected memory option:

  5. STS5 LOG
  6. ALL


  • If the item selected on the UPLOAD SELECT screen does not have data, nothing will be uploaded
  • Selecting ALL will upload all the items on the UPLOAD SELECT screen
  • Screen messages are shown In English regardless of selected language value on print engine

4. Once item has been selected, the information will be read from printer ROM and written to memory option. After it is completed, pressing the [ENTER] button will return to INTERFACE SELECT - cycle power off/on to resume normal operation. The settings stored on memory option can be used to download those item(s) to S84-ex/S86-ex print engine.