S84ex/S86ex - Configuration Settings SAVE/ LOAD

The SATO S84ex/86ex print engine models utilize printer settings stored on EEPROM to define operation of the print engine. These settings can be saved on memory option and loaded for easy installation of other print engines or restore settings on existing configuration.

Steps to save/load printer settings using Memory Option (SD Card/USB Flash Drive) on S84-ex/S86-ex models:

  1. Insert memory option in S84-ex/S86-ex print engine – verify icon appears on the LCD for the designated memory option installed.
    1. USB Flash Memory is inserted inside front cover in upper-left corner
    2. SD Card Memory is inserted in the slot located on Interface board of print engine
  2. With printer OFFLINE, press [ENTER] button to access menu – use directional keys to select MEMORY MODE and press [ENTER] button
  3. At SLOT SETTING, select NO and press [ENTER] and advance to Memory Mode menu
  4. Once at the Memory Mode menu, use the directional arrows to select either SETTING SAVE (to save configuration to memory option) or SETTING UPLOAD (to update printer configuration from memory option) and press [ENTER] button
  5. Choose memory option location from menu to save or upload configuration settings and press [ENTER]
    1. If saved, the printer configuration will be saved on memory option location \PR61\CONF\PRN61.INI folder and beep 3 times when complete – press [ENTER] button
    2. If uploaded, the printer configuration will be saved on print engine and will indicated PRINTER SETTING COMPLETED/PLEASE POWER OFF – cycle print engine power off/on via switch