S84ex/86ex - Save Default User Settings

This procedure will allow you to save user preferences for various menu settings on the SATO S84-ex/S86-ex print engine models. Doing so will enable to quickly revert back to the saved user settings versus the factory default (shipping) configuration/parameters.

  1. Configure/Change all menu settings as desired within the S84-ex/S86-ex menu options
  2. Once all menu options have been set, place printer OFFLINE and press [ENTER] button to access menu selection –select SERVICE MODE using directional key and press [ENTER] button
  3. Cursor down to SETTING and press [ENTER] button
  4. Press [ENTER] button until SAVE USER DEF. is displayed on LCD (just past FONT SELECT)

Refer to Appendix in SATO S84-ex/S86-ex Operator Manual for complete list of values saved.