S84ex/86ex - Restore Default Settings

CAUTION: Default Settings will revert configuration parameters for print engine back to either FACTORY or USER defined settings, provided user defaults were previously saved. See TT2015-007 for instructions on saving user default settings.

  1. Power on print engine holding [CANCEL] button and power on S84ex/86ex print engine - release buttons upon hearing the audible beep to boot into Default Mode.
  2. Once Default Mode is displayed on LCD, select PRINTER SETTING and press [ENTER] button
  3. At the DEFAULT PRINTER SETTING menu, select YES using the directional key and press [ENTER] button
  4. Once you have selected YES for default setting, you will be prompted for either SHIPPING or USER:

    NOTE: If you select USER when the SAVE USER DEF has not been previously been saved, the printer settings will be initialized to the SHIPPING state. Refer to Appendix in SATO S84-ex/S86-ex Operator Manual for complete list of initial values.

  5. Upon completion of Default Setting, you will need to cycle power off/on* to resume normal operation

* It is recommended to wait 15 seconds to allow printer to completely shutdown before powering on