S84ex/86ex - LED/LCD Error Status Indication

The SATO S84ex/86ex models have a dual-color LED (ON by default) to provide printer status notification

  • BLUE: ONLINE/No Errors
  • RED: Flashes when error condition exists to alert operator
  • None: when print engine is OFFLINE

In conjunction, you can have the LCD illuminate RED to coincide anytime error condition exists (NONE by default) to alert operator to take appropriate action.

Steps to enable/disable the LED/LCD illumination option:

  1. Place print engine OFFLINE and press [ENTER] button to access menu – use the directional key to select ADVANCE MODE from menu
  2. Press [ENTER] button to advance through menu – at LED INDICATION option at the LED Indication, select ON to enable LED or OFF to disable LED indicator and press [ENTER]:
    • ON:The LED indicator lights, flashes or off according to the printer status.
    • OFF: The LED indicator is always off.
  3. At the ERROR INDICATION option, use directional keys to select option for LCD display upon error condition status and press [ENTER]

  • NONE: No change to the LCD backlight
  • ON: The LCD backlight illuminates RED/ORANGE
  • BLINKS: The LCD backlight flashes RED/ORANGE