S84ex/86ex - Fine Adjustments (Pitch/Offset/Darkness)

To make fine adjustments (+/- 3.75mm (0.25mm increments)) on the SATO S84-ex/86-ex print engine models, you can adjust the Pitch (leading edge of label/start of print position), Offset (trailing edge/back feed-stop position) or Darkness (print head element heat adjustment) from the Adjustment Mode menu.

To access the Adjustment Mode menu, follow the steps below.

  1. With printer either OFFLINE/ONLINE, press and hold [UP] + [DOWN] directional keys for 2 seconds.
  2. Once at the Adjustment Mode menu, you can change the values for the selected adjustment option and press [ENTER] to advance through the selections.
  3. You can use the directional keys to change the values of the selected adjustment within the specified ranges:
    1. PITCH: +/- 3.75mm (default: +0.00mm)
    2. OFFSET: +/- 3.75mm (default: +0.00mm)
    3. DARKNESS: 0-99 (default: 50)
  4. Press the [FUNCTION] button to exit and return printer to normal operation

NOTE: If you perform a Default Setting or a Factory Reset procedure, the Pitch/Offset/Darkness values remain.