S84ex/86ex - Emulation Switching

The SATO S84ex/86ex print engine models have standard emulations on-board for SBPL (SATO), SZPL (Zebra), SDPL (Datamax) or SIPL (Intermec) printer languages. This procedure will allow you to select the Emulation mode (printer language) to use on the S84ex/86ex print engine models:

  1. Power on S84ex/86ex print engine while holding [FUNCTION] button and release upon hearing the audible beep to boot into Module Loader mode.
  2. Once Module Setting is displayed on LCD, select Load using directional key and press [ENTER] button
  3. Select from list using the up/down directional key to the desired printer emulation option and press [ENTER] button. Below are the list of emulations choices:
    • STD Firmware (SATO)
    • SZPL (Zebra)
    • SDPL (Datamax)
    • SIPL (Intermec)
  4. Printer will load selected emulation module and restart automatically.
  5. The Emulation icon will be displayed in the upper right-corner of display* of LCD panel indicating the printer language in operation.

* Only non-SATO printer languages will display icon

Zebra, Datamax and Intermec are trademark by their respective company. Product specification is subject to change without notice.