S84ex/86ex - Continuous Print / Back Feed / EXT Port Enable/Disable

The SATO S84ex/86ex print engine models is defaulted for Dispenser (peel & present) operation, which has backfeed enabled for positioning the label for print/dispense. If you need to change operation to Continuous print, where the leading edge of the label is always positioned in the print position and no backfeed is required (e.g. wipe application), you will need to make change with the PRINTER TYPE selection in Advanced Mode.

Also, if you wish to disable the print start for the External I/O signal the Printer Type must be set to Continuous in order to see option for EXTERNAL SIGNAL SETTING for 'stand alone' or bench operation.

  1. Place printer OFFLINE and press [ENTER] button to access menu – choose ADVANCED MODE using directional key and press [ENTER]\

  2. At PRINTER TYPE menu, select CONTINUOUS and press [ENTER]
    • Dispenser: Back feed and EXT I/O print start signal is always ENABLED
    • Continuous: Back feed is DISABLED and EXT I/O print start signal can be disabled for 'stand alone' operation
  3. Once CONTINUOUS is selected, press [ENTER] until EXTERNAL SIGNAL SETTING is displayed on LCD. To disable the print start signal via the EXT I/O port, select YES and change EXTERNAL SIGNAL to DISABLE

  4. Press the [FUNCTION] button twice to bring the printer OFFLINE and press [LINE] button to place print engine ONLINE