S84ex/86ex - Capture Receive Buffer

Below are steps to capture the receive buffer from your S84ex/S86ex printer should you need to capture data being received by the printer. This information is good for troubleshooting purposes when objects don’t print or print incorrectly.

A) Format Memory USB/SD

  1. Memory Mode
  2. Format
  3. Select USB or SD

B) Service Mode

  1. Save Print Log - Enable
  2. Select USB or SD
  3. Clear Print Log - No
  4. Output Print Log form Sub port - Disable

C) Send Label File to Printer

  1. Take Printer OFFLINE
  2. Hold Down Arrow ~5 seconds until
  3. Save Log - No
  4. Data Save - Yes

D) Remove Memory

  1. File Will be in /PR61/LOG/RCVBUF.DAT