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S84ex/86ex - Hex Dump

The hex dump mode allows you to print/save the contents of the receive data/receive buffer in a hexadecimal format. This then allows the data stream to be examined for errors and troubleshooting. Below are the steps to perform the procedure on SATO S84ex/S86ex print engine models.

If you wish to capture/save the data to either USB Flash drive or SD Card, refer to Tech Tip “Format Memory Option” for S84-ex/S86-ex print engine.

  1. In the menu, use directional arrow to select HEX DUMP MODE and press [ENTER] key
  2. At the SELECT DUMP DATA menu, you have two options to capture data information being sent:

RECEIVE DATA: Print/Save the hex dump of the received data to connected interface

RECEIVE BUFFER: Print/Save the hex dump of the received/processed print data in buffer (one item)

NOTE: In order to print/save the RECEIVE BUFFER, the print data first must be processed otherwise no data information will be. If no data is print buffer, you will not be able to select option.

  1. Select Hex Dump method and press [ENTER] key.

The following procedure is the same for either selected method.


  1. Once you’ve selected RECEIVE DATA, the following screen will appear:

PRINT: Only print the received data on label

SAVE: Save and print the received data*

* provided data information is processed, otherwise only data information will be saved

If you choose PRINT, any data received to the connected interface will be printed (much like the legacy “e” series HEX DUMP method) and you will have option to select print size:

NORMAL: Print the received data with sixteen bytes per line (~4” print width)

HALF: Print the received data with eight bytes per line (~2.5” print width)

If you choose SAVE, any data received to the connected interface will be saved to the selected memory option:

NOTE: the memory option must be installed otherwise you won’t be able to select it

  1. Once you’ve selected either method of Hex Dump, press [ENTER] key to return the printer ONLINE in Hex Dump Mode (denoted by document icon in LCD):

Example of LCD with both SD card and USB Flash drive inserted

  1. Send print data to the printer:
    1. if PRINT was selected, you will have to initiate/”jog” print start signal if enabled in order for Hex Dump data to print on label. CAUTION: Printed Hex Dump information may span across multiple labels. For RECEIVE BUFFER, you will need to place printer ONLINE to print hex dump.
    1. If SAVE was selected, the Hex Dump data will be saved to the selected memory option and will image the label format, provided print data information was processed. On the LCD, the selected memory option icon will “flash/inverse” when data information is being saved.

With the data saved to memory option, you can remove it from the print engine and examine the contents of the PR61\HEXDUMP folder.

Any saved Hex Dump files will be number sequentially as illustrated in example below:

NOTE: A maximum of one hundred hex dump data files can be saved. When saving file with one hundred files already saved in the HEXDUMP folder on the memory option, the oldest file starting from the first number (001) will be overwritten in sequence.