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S84/86ex - Factory Mode/Counter information

The SATO S84ex/86ex models maintains counters based on printer operation. It is recommended anytime you replace the print head to clear the current head counter information. The print engine will keep track of up to the three most recent head counter information unless you perform a factory reset to clear all counter information. To display/reset the counter information, you will need to place the printer in Factory mode.

Steps to place printer in Factory Mode:

1. Power print engine OFF

2. Open print head and hold the [LEFT] ARROW+[RIGHT] ARROW+[ENTER] buttons and power ON the S84ex/S86ex print engine. Keep buttons pressed until print engine beeps and then release.

3. Once print powers up the following menu will be displayed:

· Select FACTORY MODE using directional arrow and press [ENTER] key

4. To clear the current head counter, use the directional arrow to select HEAD and press [ENTER] key

· NOTE: Each time you clear the HEAD counter the previous counter information will cascade to the next head indicator. If you select ALL, all head counter information is lost and reset to zero as well as all printer settings will revert to Factory Default values.

5. To view the counter information, use the directional arrow to select from list and press [ENTER] key

6. If you select LIFE, the total number of meters run through the print engine will be displayed on LCD – this value cannot be reset via Clear All Counters as done in the past ‘e’ series printer models.

7. To view the head counter information, select HEAD and the three most recent head counter information will displayed in meters on LCD

· 1=current head counter / 2=previous head counter / 3=prior head counter

The warranty for SATO print head is 15km for direct thermal and 30km in thermal transfer operation. For this purpose, it is best practice to reset the head counter information anytime you replace the print head to ensure accurate mileage counter is reflected for operation.