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Printing Graphics using SATO Windows Printer Driver

As you can obtain SBPL command sequences using the Windows Printer Driver, the default settings of the printer driver preferences can be changed to allow you to change the way graphics are sent to the SATO printer.

The dithering settings can be changed to allow for grayscale printing for images on the label to rasterize the dot pattern to achieve more detail by moving the slider to the desired selection.

Note: it is recommended all graphics be converted to grayscale or black/white rather than color images for best output resolution as well as the printhead resolution (DPI) is also a factor in the printed detail of image.

Instead of sending graphic data as binary (default), which produces non-printable characters, and can be difficult to copy/paste into SBPL data stream, you can change the Printer Graphic Option selection to ASCII which will generate hexadecimal output for any graphics (including TrueType Fonts), making it easier to obtain text that can be incorporated into SBPL data stream.