What media does the LP 100R support?

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The LP 100R supports continuous feed (pin feed) media both fan folded and roll to roll. The LP 100R supports media from 6” up to 18” wide, 17” image and 5” up to 24” long. Refolding limits at 18” (with a 12” stacker table). The media thickness from 6.5 to 20 mil can be varied and stored at the configuration.

With the SATO-Logic™ controller, up to 999 user configurations can be defined and later recalled to simplify job set-up. The configurations store the media parameters, including the settings to make that media feed smoothly and fuse completely. Balancing media settings can maximize print quality while prolonging consumable life and PM schedules.

What is a configuration?

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A configuration is a set of printer and emulation settings which define the way the controller and printer process the job submitted for printing. A default configuration is supplied to print basic jobs.

Each configuration defines:

  • The media parameters
  • The resolution of the printer (240, 300, 400, 480, or 600 DPI)
  • The emulation of the data file
  • Specific parameters applicable to the desired emulation, including but not limited to fonts, control characters, margins, error handling, etc.
  • Image specifics such as density (darkness), orientation and alignment
  • Applicable parameters for the installed options

What is the expected consumable life?

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The LP 100R has a 10% longer consumable life span over its closest competitor /predecessor the LIS-1865e. Contact a SATO Sales Rep for details.

What consumables are required?

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Maintainable and replaceable by the user for maximum production time are:

  • Toner
  • Toner collection bottle
  • OPC cartridge
  • Developer unit

How do I print to the LP 100R?

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The SATO-Logic controller will automatically detect the active communication port and continue to print from that port until all the jobs are complete and the port goes inactive. The user does not have to select the desired communications port.

The active port from which data is being processed is indicated on the User Display panel.

To support Windows and most host environments, SATO-Logic supports:

  • Ethernet on the raw port (port 9100)
  • As a print server on the LPR port (port 515)
  • CUPS (Common Unix Printing System)
  • Additionally legacy TCP/IP protocols to the bit level

In addition to communication connections, you may also print directly from a file present on USB media.

What emulations does the LP 100R support?

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  • Text languages KODEscriptPlus and its predecessor KODE script.
  • The binary languages HP PCL5eTM
  • Legacy emulations; IGP/ VGLTM, IGP / PGLTM, or basic Line Printer
  • Hex dump for diagnostics

Be sure to contact SATO Sales Representatives for optional and newly added emulations and features.

How does SATO-Logic differ from METO-Logic?

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SATO-Logic is the 8th generation wide web laser printer controller. It includes technology improvements, adjustments to industry trends, and foundation for future features and enhancements.

  • Accepts USB media to manage the printer and controller settings, and diagnostic features
  • Print from a file (USB) option to test or short run
  • Simplification of menus
    • The focus of the settings and parameters for emulations and emulation features has been revised to applicable subjects
    • Legacy communication ports have been cleaned up
    • The support of end of life printer models and options have been removed
  • Clearer and concise user pages, recognized by the SATO-Logic branding
    • These detailed reports, fit on 8.5” x 11” sheet making them easy to share.
    • The status page is broken into three sections: Hardware, Communications, and Current Configuration. These sections are dynamically created when requested to reflect the concise settings.
    • The Configuration Page report is simplified to eliminate confusion. As emulations, options and settings are selected, only the applicable parameters are listed, thereby eliminating confusion.
    • Time and Usage page illustrates in clear progressing bar-graph format the life remaining of all PM intervals and consumables.
  • Capture files sent to the print spooler (LPR/CUPS)
  • Improved service and support capabilities with:
    • Additional logs for network and emulation issues
    • Clearer set-up options and defaults
    • Network connection verification and error handling

What are the Advantages / Improvements of SATO-Logic?

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  • Capitalizing on the industry improvements in the hardware and supporting systems, SATO-Logic manages data communications, input file buffering, and file processing, each separately from actual printing. A data intense user will recognize large overall processing improvements in data file transmission and the subsequent processing.
  • Added and improved file management features for both set-up and diagnostic, remotely and from the user panel.
  • Improved job control from the menu setting and user panel during operation.
  • Documentation for the laser printer and related products available if you browse the printer IP.
  • Print from a file (USB) option to test or short run
  • Capture files sent to the print spooler (LPR/CUPS)
  • Improved service and support capabilities with:
    • Additional logs for network and emulation issues
    • Clearer set-up options and defaults
    • Network connection verification and error handling

What are User files?

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User files (unique to the users implementation of the LP 100R) can be:

  • Added to a printer
  • Copied from one printer to archive or use in another printer
  • Removed completely via the menu system

User files can also be managed by accessing the printer remotely and navigating through a menu of options and screens. The specific files themselves can be either presented to the menu system through a USB flash drive or via FTP connection. The directory of user files and content can also be printed via the menu systems.

What does remote management allow or do?

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The Remote Management features were developed and implemented in response to customer requests, primarily from customers with multiple sites, devices or shifts, central administration and support.

The administrators and support groups can remotely:

  • Monitor the messages and function to better support the user when an issue arises
  • Monitor the life of the consumables and maintenance schedules
  • Apply new set-up changes, new user files, configurations, network settings, etc.
  • Administrator updates
  • Review activity and errors
  • Retrieve the data files (capture) and resulting images for advanced diagnostics
  • All the requested details which SATO might request when engaging in advanced support can be retrieved remotely.

What are the USB ports used for?

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The USB ports accept USB media (flash drives) to transfer user files. You can copy the printer set-up files from one printer and install them onto other printers. You can also copy the various logs and counter information to share with administrative or support groups as well as update the Controller software and printer firmware.

Can I print using USB media?

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Yes, you can print files which are on the USB drive by selecting the ‘Print from File’ option from the menu. Intended to aid in format development and diagnostics, the file on the USB drive must be named: capture.prn. This feature has become popular for short demos also. The menu travel is \Advanced\Supervisor\Files\Print from File. Note: the active configuration must be one which matches the file.

Why upgrade to SATO-Logic?

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  • Improved data transmission and processing efficiencies; potentially improves performance
  • Supports USB media to manage the controller and user files
  • Clearer and concise user menus and status pages
  • Added diagnostic tools
  • Network communications set-up provides verification and feedback during set-up and each initialization cycle. A message will be displayed on the panel if the communication connections are not responding.
  • Remote communications in Secure Shell session for added security over open networks
  • Staying current with technology protects against obsolesce
  • SATO-Logic users will be best positioned for future enhancements and features

What is the future for METO-Logic?

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All printers will be produced with SATO-Logic controllers and all future development will be in SATO-Logic. Existing installed METO-Logic controllers will be maintained as required. SATO Field Service will proactively upgrade existing installations. For more details, contact your SATO America Service or Sales Representative.

How can I get SATO-Logic controller?

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Direct SATO customers who have an LP 100R under a SATO America maintenance contract are eligible for an upgrade. Please enquire through your SATO America Service Department contacts.

End users servicing their own equipment can purchase the SATO-Logic controllers.