CLNX - How to save CLNX log files (Hex Data) to USB Thumb Drive

This document is for sharing how user can save CLNX log files (Hex Data) to USB thumb drive.

Procedures to follow:

  1. Go to CLNX printer's Tools Menu and enable the Hex Dump.
  2. Clear and remove the Hex Dump memory space so that the actual log file (Hex dump) data will be saved.
  3. Put the printer to ONLINE mode. The printer ICON on the LCD will change to Hex Dump mode.
  4. Send the print data to the printer.
  5. Printer will print exact print out like it is in normal ONLINE mode. But the Hex Dump data will be saved in the Hex Dump memory. Printer will not print the Hex Dump Data like Enhance model printer.
  6. Format the USB thumb driver with FAT 32 file system. Plug in the USB thumb drive to printer's USB port. LCD will display the small USB icon on the top right corner.
  7. Go to Tools menu and select Hex Dump. It will take a while for printer to save the Hex Dump data to Hex Dump Memory.
  8. In the Hex Dump menu it will have Hex Dump Mode, Buffer Dump and Log Files.
  9. Go to Log Files, select Copy to Hexdump. If there is more than one log file, user has to select the required file. It will take a while to copy the file to USB thumb drive as it depends on the file size. File name will be as follows:
    1. BT00xx.bin: Received data through Bluetooth
    2. LAN00xx.bin: Received data through LAN
    3. LPT00xx.bin: Received data through IEEE1284
    4. SCI00xx.bin: Received data through RS-232C
    5. USB00xx.bin: Received data through USB
  10. If user wants to print the Hex Data then select Print. Hex Data will be printed when the printer is put to ONLINE.

Download detailed instructions