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CLNX - Customizing the CLNX Splash Screens

Customizing the CLNX screens provides you the ability to personalize the various splash screens as well as the videos used on the printer. Using the SATO All-in-One Tool (AIOT) and is available for download here.

NOTE: Images must be formatted for 320x240 pixel resolution and saved as a .PNG file type and movies must be in WebM format.

Start by creating your splash screen image (eg. Photoshop, MS Paint) and once saved in the appropriate size and file format, open the SATO AIOT and select an installed CLNX printer model from the list of printers and right-click to bring up the pop-out menu. Choose Printer Display Customization from the list:

Next, you are presented a list of items that you have the ability to change/modify/delete. First choose the specific item you wish to change and then complete the steps as outlined by browsing to the folder/file location and selecting the graphic image you wish to use (320x240 pixels PNG file type):

Continue this process for each of the screens or movies you wish to replace/modify. To go back to default, click the Delete All button to clear out any custom setting.