CLNX / PW2NX / FX3-LX - NFC (Near Field Communication) Support / Mobile AIOT

Near Field Communication (NFC) is an emerging, wireless RFID technology that offers the ability for contactless exchange of information. NFC allows a device, usually using a mobile phone or tablet, to collect data from another device or NFC tag at close range. This feature has been added to the SATO CLNX Series, PW2NX and FX3-LX printer models which enables a user to be able to change printer configuration/settings, even when it is powered off or in the box!

There’s a tangible benefit with the ability to easily obtain or collect printer information simply by “pairing” a NFC-enabled device to a supported SATO printer model. You can utilize this capability via the SATO Mobile All-In-One Tool (AIOT) which offers printer management along with statistical information. For more details, please refer to AIOT User Manual.

Nfc Mobileaiot Image001

To download the latest version of the SATO AIOT and/or Mobile AIOT, please visit SATO America website:

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