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CL4NX - 802.11 Wi-Fi Setup

Below document provides basic instruction connecting SATO CL4NX to 802.11 Wi-Fi Network. You will need to have necessary information regarding the specific configuration requirements to connect to Wi-Fi via Infrastructure Mode in order to input information into applicable Wi-Fi interface settings. The SATO CL4NX Wi-Fi option must be installed in the printer to be able to configure interface.

NOTE: Once WLAN kit is installed, the Ethernet LAN interface will be disabled. All other interfaces will be available for data communication. For full details on CL4NX Wi-Fi information, please refer to the CL4NX Operator’s Manual available on SAI website. *based on version 1.2.0-r16 CL4NX firmware

After installing the 802.11 WLAN interface (or it was factory installed), you will need to configure the wireless network settings in order to connect wirelessly to either Ad-hoc (peer-to-peer) or Infrastructure (SSID) mode. The instructions below are to demonstrate the steps to configure CL4NX Wi-Fi via Infrastructure Mode.