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CLNX - Adjustment of Media Supply Arm

In order to accommodate a 10” media supply roll in the SATO CLNX, you must first lower the media supply arm installed in the printer. To do such, please refer to the instructions listed below.

1) Power OFF the CLNX printer and open flip cover (1) and print head (2) remove any media from the inside of the printer from the supply arm (3)

2) Next remove the side cover screw (4) from back of SATO CLNX and slide cover toward rear of printer (5) to remove.

NOTE: The side cover is “keyed” with slots to remove from printer frame. Be sure to properly align cover to reinstall onto SATO CLNX printer.

3) With side cover removed, remove the three p-tight screws (6) that secure media holder cover (7). With the three screws removed, slide the cover (7) off the media supply arm and away from printer.

NOTE: There are two tabs on the media holder cover that slide into adjoining slots on rear of CLNX printer. If the internal liner rewinder is installed (with dispenser option), you cannot use roll media larger than 8.66” (220mm maximum).

4) Once the media holder cover is removed, you will need to remove the four screws that secure the bracket of the media supply arm to the frame. Lift the media supply arm away from printer (slotted into frame).

5) After you have removed the bracket, remove the three screws (red) that secure the media supply arm to the bracket – relocate the media supply arm to lower screw position (blue) and secure the arm back in place with the three screws.

6) Reassemble the media supply arm to the CLNX printer by reversing the order of the steps outlined.