GY412 | 2ST Thermal Printer

GY412 - SATO's new specialty series of printers
Advanced “GREEN SOLUTION” technologies are applied to this direct thermal printer that simultaneously prints on specially designed labels using 2 thermal print heads.


  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Improved Throughput Over Single Sided Printer
  • Savings in Consumables and Operating Costs
  • Ability to Eliminate Pre-Printed Information
  • Lower Total Cost of Operation


  • Provides Streamlined B2C and B2B Customer Communication Processes
  • Print On Demand Surveys, Coupons, Pack Slips, Warranties & Return Policies
  • Eliminates the Need for Separate Packing Slip and Other Printing Devices
  • Enhances Pick Pack and Ship Applications, Reducing Errors


  • Positive Environmental Impact
  • Reduces Land Fill Waste and Associated Expenses
  • Two Sided Printing Eliminates the Need for Additional Printers
Print Method: Direct Thermal
Print Resolution: 305 dpi
Print Width: 4.09"
Media Width: 1.97" to 5.16"
Memory: 16 MB SDRAM
16 MB Flash ROM
SD Card Slot
Print Speed: (max.) 10 ips
SATO's GY412 2ST Double Sided Thermal Printer prints front and back of a label at the same time

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  • Case/Carton Shipping & Logistics
  • Pick Pack Ship Systems
  • Online Order Fulfillment Centers
  • Product and Service Offers
  • Seasonal Games
  • Special Offers & Promotions
  • Rental Car Ticketing
  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • Product Ingredient
  • Event Registration and Name Badge Labeling
  • Consumer Transaction Receipts (lay-away)
  • Return Policy / Warranty Information
  • Product & Service Information
  • Product Nutritional Information
  • Product Cooking / Preparation Instructions
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