SATO Printer API

Introducing the simple API for your custom application to talk to SATO printers.

The SATO Printer Application Programming Interface (API) provides software developers a simplified interface which allows it to liaison between .NET applications and SATO printers using a defined library of function calls. Rather than having to construct your own subroutines, and using the SATO Printer API, developers can send printing commands directly from their application to a connected SATO printer to generate output as well as receive responses to determine status of the printer.

Other benefits of the SATO Printer API is the capability to obtain a list of installed SATO printer drivers, check the number of jobs in the printer spooler or other printer related data from the printer driver, thus reducing the development process to communicate and gather appropriate printer information.

For system requirements and related printer communication functions supported, please review the SATO Printer API Reference Document:


Resources to help you explore, operate and maintain your SATO printer.

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