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Take-A-Number Kit

Take-A-Number Kit featuring the SATO Turn-O-Matic

To manage spread of COVID-19, communities are being asked to reduce close contact between one another. SATO's new pre-packaged Take-A-Number Kit provides a ready-to-use solution for business needing to promote social distancing to customers waiting in line for services.

Take-A-Number Kit Contents

Part Number20019C
HardwareD80 Turn-O-Matic Wireless System
(Kit includes: D80 ticket dispenser, two-digit indicator sign, remote, take a number sign, power supply)
Turn-O-Matic Tickets1 case (5 rolls) (3,000 tickets per roll)
StandCounter Stand

Hardware and tickets can also be ordered individually.

Product Details

D80 2

D80 Turn-O-Matic
Proven to drive sales and effectively manage customer flow, the Turn-O-Matic provides fair, organized and efficient customer service.

Accessories 1

Turn-O-Matic System Accessories
In addition to the D80 dispenser, the Turn-O-Matic system includes a wireless indicator screen, remote, take a number sign, counter stand and power supply.



Turn-O-Matic Tickets
Turn-O-Matic 3-digit tickets are easy to read and tear off easily. The tickets use alpha-numerical numbering to help you keep busy lines organized.

Need to reorder tickets? Ask for product number: 10006100-WH

Key Features

Cost Effective
The Take-A-Number kit is an easy and cost effective method to implement social distancing measures as recommended by the CDC.

Reduced Touch Points
Tickets are removed individually from the Turn-O-Matic unit which lowers the number of surfaces that customers have to touch.
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