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The Resource Library offers a variety of information pertaining to AIDC, RFID, Enterprise Resource Planning and barcode solutions across an array of industries. Whether you’re looking for product or solutions brochures, instruction or application videos, printer software or drivers, the experts at SATO have compiled a library of resources to help you explore, operate and maintain your SATO printer.


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Find more information about ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

ERP Solutions:


Thermal Printing Learning Center

Learn about Thermal Printers


Learn about Printing Supplies: Labels, Tags and Ribbons

  • Label Considerations - Learn about design and adhesive options that can give your company a competitive edge
  • Tag Considerations - Tags have no liner or adhesive, but there are still plenty of design options to consider.
  • How To Select The Right Ribbon - Avoid poor print quality and business disruption by knowing which ribbon formulation best fits your labels.

Learn about Barcodes

  • Barcodes Overview - Overview of the most popular 1D and 2D bar codes available will help you decide on which bar code will work for your application.
  • How do Barcodes work? - Bar codes are readily available and a low cost technology. Find out more about how bar codes works and how they compares to human text.
  • Advantages of Using Barcodes - Bar codes have a proven track record to make the operation of businesses around the world more effective. See some of the advantages how bar codes can benefit your business.

Learn about RFID Technology

  • Basics in RFID - This white paper describes the basic components of a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system and explores the technology, applications, and competitive advantages of RFID technology and its uses for Automatic Identification Data Collection (AIDC).
  • Ensuring RFID Bottom Line Payoff - To maximize the benefits of RFID, it is critical to view its capability to drive business process improvement, increase supply chain efficiency and ultimately improve bottom line results.