SATO Shelf Edge Labeling

SATO Shelf Edge Labeling Solution

Effective, timely, and accurate shelf edge labeling at the store can both improve customer service and boost sales.

By eliminating the need to manually cut and sort temporary shelf edge labels, retailers can save costs while improving their ability to get the labels on the shelf on time. SATO’s LP100R Laser Printer and CS-9018 cutter/stacker system allows retailers to generate these labels in their own distribution centers, and then provide ready-to-apply labels without the hassle and expense of third-party printing services.

If in-store shelf edge label printing makes more sense, SATO offers mobile, desktop and tabletop systems to do the job along with a variety of label stock types to fit the application. Pick the system from SATO that best fits your particular needs because there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” system for “shelf edge labeling”.

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Benefits of using a SATO system for Shelf Edge Labeling

  • Accountability: SATO is ready to provide the printer(s), cutter/stackers, software, labels and on-site service. There is no need or advantage to source these items from multiple providers.
  • Scalability: Some users will want our Distribution Center system while others will prefer and in-store system based on their retail requirements. SATO has designed a shelf labeling survey based upon our experience that will systematically pinpoint the best system for your particular needs.
  • Labor savings: Shelf labels are delivered to the store already cut and stacked thereby eliminating the time wasting step of separating sheeted labels in the store. Eliminating the need to manually separate shelf edge labels thus reduce costs in addition to reducing labor.
  • Flexibility: SATO systems allow for the speed and flexibility for on-demand printing which allow retailers the ability to design and print their own labels for just-in-time promotions or at point of application.
  • Increase sales: Numerous studies have shown that shelf edge labels have a positive impact on sales, cross promotions of other related items.


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