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SATO On-Tread Tire Label - Developed Specifically for Tire Labeling.

SATO’s on-tread tire labels are specifically engineered to continue looking good and legible for use in both the retail and distribution and withstand environmental temperatures or humidity. Developed specifically for tire labeling, the easy release from liner make for efficient and clean application of the label for either manual or automated application.

The SATO On-tread Tire Label can be customized with pre-printed information or logos, as well as converted with an RFID inlay. With the addition of an RFID inlay, it provides value for manufacturers who can trace goods more efficiently during production and it benefits logistics suppliers who can read entire pallets at once, and warehouses, who need to track tire inventory or expiration dates.

Recommended Applications:

  • Tire tread labels
  • Retread tires
  • Superior printability
  • No curl or lift after application
  • Adhesive is formulated specifically for bonding to treated rubber and environmental conditions
  • Production-friendly gum patterns designed to eliminate oozing and optimize speed throughput
  • Availability of intelligent labels (i.e. RFID embedded)

SATO America is your single-source supplier of both consumables and hardware to ensure a seamless and economical solution for tire tread labeling strategy.

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