Stacker - Label/Tag & Printing | Thermal Printer Accessory

SATO stackers for thermal printers allow for continuous high volume printing for label and tags. Stackers are available for the following SATO products:

CLNX Series | TG3 Series | M10e Series


HS-200 Stacker for SATO CLNX™ Series Printers

HS200 StackerThe SATO HS-200 Stacker is the most versatile stacker option in the industry and suited specifically for SATO’s CL4NX™ and CL6NX™ Series of thermal printers.

Unlike other label and tag post print solutions that simply collect cut media, often stacking out of sequence or jamming, the HS-200 performs as a robust, simple, yet very reliable stacking solution.

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  • Simple operation with 3-button controls and adjustable media guides
  • Space saving design includes stand/join plate for CLNX series printer models
  • Stack media from pressure sensitive labels to tag stock, including those with embedded RFID inlays
  • HS-200 Stacker processes stacking of media automatically at CLNX full print speed
  • HS-200 Stacker includes 2 different size hoppers to catch a range of media sizes
  • Catch hopper may be easily removed to access the stacked material
  • Auto-variable height hopper to collect labels or tags, automatically stops when completely filled
  • Each hopper holds approximately 1200 labels/ tags stacked (depending on media thickness/curl)


View the HS-200 Datasheet for more information

See the HS-200 Stacker Video


Stacker for TG3 Series SATO Printers

The TG3 Series Stacker stacks label and tags.

Stacker - Label & Printing | Thermal Printer Accessory: The stacker allows for continuous high volume printing for label and tags. Available for the M10e and TG3 Series Printers.
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Stacker for M10e Series SATO Printers

The M10e Series Stacker catches label and tags.

M10e Stacker
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