Prestige Partner Program

Learn more about the benefits of the SATO Prestige Partner Program and apply to become one!

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Welcome to the Prestige Partner Program of SATO America.

SATO’s Prestige Partner Program provides a framework of business for growth and profit with SATO America products, services, and solutions. The program is a tiered solution for the complexities of business today, yet will afford your company a wider range of product and solution availability than most other industry programs.


As a SATO Prestige Partner you’ll soon discover SATO is customer centric company, focused on continuous improvement of products, services, and solutions that add value to your business and customer relationships.

SATO America values its technology partners and we encourage open communication between our partners. Whereas one partner may specialize in mobile computing applications, another may excel in RFID technologies, and by working together they offer an impressive solution that exceeds the customer’s expectations.