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DuraMark™ Wristbands

Safe Patient Identification for Adult and Infant Care


SATO Wristbands provide safety with positive identification of patients, using both human readable text, barcodes and if desired, a patient picture. SATO’s DuraMark™ Wristbands with SATO's Failsafe Fasteners™ are virtually indestructible and display various details of patient information, encoded securely in a barcode. They remain legible even after extended exposure to water, abrasion, cleaners and everyday wear.

Each wristband provides enhanced safety through positive identification of individual patients, linked to a patients medical or account number using both human readable text, barcodes and if desired, a patient's picture. All without the need of thermal transfer ribbons which raise costs, are cumbersome, and under HIPAA guidelines require expensive destruction procedures.

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SATO’s DuraMark™ Wristbands

  • Smear & Water Proof
  • Comfortable & Dependable
  • Latex Free Material

SATO's Failsafe Fasteners™

  • 7 Colors For Identity, Status Codes
  • Non-Transferable Security Closure
  • Latex Free Plastic

SATO's Failsafe Fasterns are available in 7 colors


Click here for the DuraMark™ Wristband Datasheet
Click here for the Using Wristband Instructions


Patient Identification Wristbands are available for Adult, Pediatric and Infant Care