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Nurse with patient wearing a SATO SoftTouch Wristband  SATO SoftTouch Wristbands come in three different configuration

SATO SoftTouch Wristbands
Enhanced Safety Through Positive Identification

SATO Wristbands provide safety with positive identification of patients, using both human readable text, barcodes and if desired, a patient picture.SATO SoftTouch Wristbands provide patient comfort with a soft feel and improved flexibility. These highly durable wristbands provide critical patient information at the point of care and improve HIPAA security compliance. Comfortable, durable, SATO SoftTouch wristbands remain legible after exposure to water, abrasion, cleaners and everyday wear.

Use of the wristbands provide enhanced safety through positive identification of each individual patient. Medical and account number of each patient can be linked by human readable text, barcodes and if needed the patient’s picture. All without the need of thermal transfer ribbons which are cumbersome, increase costs, and are under HIPAA guidelines require expensive destruction procedures.

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  • Antimicrobial (ISO 22196 Certification)
  • Excellent Direct Thermal Imaging
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Adhesive and Clip Closure Options
SATO promotes Patient safety

SATO's Failsafe Fasterns are available in 7 colors


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