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SATO’s PJM RFID Integrated into Fantasy, world leading Diamond ERP System

Tokyo, Japan, September 3, 2014 SATO, a leader in barcode printing, labeling, and EPC/RFID solutions, and GemBox RFID (Sydney, Australia), a provider of RFID stock-take-view solutions for diamond & gemstone cutters and dealers, co-announced today that SATO’s unique PJM[1] RFID technology has been integrated into Fantasy, world’s largest ERP System for diamonds by Rubinstein Software.

Having over 200 clients, the Fantasy ERP system is used by the most established multinational diamond cutters and dealers around the world. It is known for its highly specialized functionalities to satisfy the complicated inventory handling needs of the diamond industry.

GemBox RFID has designed and developed highly reliable RFID stocktaking solutions utilizing the PJM technology, which Rubinstein Software now adopts into Fantasy. “Stock-counting is the most critical yet most time consuming and human dependent operation for all diamond manufacturers, dealers and jewelers,” said Jason Ree, CEO of GemBox RFID, “We have searched the world for an RFID technology that can ensure 100% reading accuracy of very closely stacked brifkas[2]. All other RFID systems fail in this environment and it was a dream come true, when I first saw a PJM RFID reader, in front of my eyes, reading 200 RFID tags in 1 second without a miss.”

SATO acquired Magellan Technology, inventor of the unique PJM RFID technology in December 2013, and continues to pursue the research and development of the same technology today. “We are extremely excited to be the strategic solution component of the new Fantasy,” said Kaz Matsuyama, President & CEO of SATO Holdings, “PJM RFID will provide the incomparable advantage to Fantasy, enabling users to enjoy its fantastic new functionalities while receiving SATO’s high-quality localized technical services at the global scale.”

New RFID functionalities including PJM RFID stock-take-view solutions and PJM RFID printing solutions are now available for new users of Fantasy and existing users through system upgrades.

[1]: Phase Jitter Modulation; an RFID technology that can quickly and accurately identify
large volumes of tagged items stacked or stored in any physical orientation.
[2]: Small folded paper envelopes used to hold diamonds for safe transportation.

About Rubinstein Software

Founded in 1992, Rubinstein Software (Ramat-Gan, Israel) has been an integral part of the dynamic environment of the diamond industry. By equipping diamond manufacturers with software applications, Rubinstein Software enables manufacturers in providing end-to-end solutions for fluent inventory management. Rubinstein Software leads the field in inventory management particular to the diamond industry. Having consulted and serviced over 200 companies in the industry, Rubinstein Software saw the need for software solutions that are customized to address the individual demands for each manufacturer and dealer, and developed the Fantasy system in response to this need. More information about Rubinstein Software and Fantasy can be found at

About GemBox RFID

GemBox is a pioneer and leading global provider of PJM RFID stock-take-view solutions for the diamond & gemstone industry. GemBox RFID technology allows users to perform full stock counts of 1000‘s of gemstones in just seconds, with 100% reliability. More information about GemBox can be found at

About SATO

SATO (TOKYO:6287) bridges the last inch of the last mile for customers by integrating Auto-ID technologies and revolutionary materials to tag and track items, ensuring inventory visibility for improved user experience and business results. Engineering solutions that unleash the power of IoT, SATO provides value to customers in the form of accuracy, sustainability, labor and resource savings, reassurance and emotional connections. For the fiscal year ended March 31, 2017, it reported revenues of JPY 106,302 million (US $980 million*). More information about SATO can be found at or on linkedin and twitter.

*Conversion is based on an average exchange rate of 1 US Dollar = 108.34 Japanese Yen

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