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SATO Launches Healthcare Subsidiary in Switzerland

Tokyo, November 21, 2018 – SATO, a global pioneer in the development of auto-ID and labelling solutions has established SATO Healthcare Switzerland AG.

The new unit which specializes in health care will provide patient safety solutions featuring state-of-the-art auto-ID technologies like RFID and more to meet the needs of the growing healthcare market. In addition to implementing in Europe the value-added auto-ID solutions from around the SATO Group, SATO Healthcare Switzerland will also develop innovative solutions for hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers for implementation in Europe and worldwide. Another aim is to be near international governing bodies for health-related policy and practice, enabling SATO’s direct participation in development of future standards and guidelines.

Switzerland is a mecca for health care and life sciences due to its attractive location, its talent pool for research, development, and production of medical technology, its first-class research institutions and a sophisticated national health care system. This is strategic investment for SATO with the heavy concentration of innovative medical equipment, pharmaceutical and health care industry players clustered in the country. With over 500 suppliers, service providers, retailers and distributors and around 300 medtech manufacturers, 94 percent of which collaborate with partners1, Switzerland is a powerhouse for innovation as well.

SATO entered the health care market in 1998 as a provider of ID solutions for hospitals with a vision of delivering “Patient Safety.” It launched its patient wristband three-point verification2 barcode ID solution to give hospital staff and patients full assurance of accuracy. The market responded, with SATO’s signature line of patient wristbands used by over 25 million individuals worldwide in 2017 alone3. SATO auto-ID solutions for health care now span the entire supply chain, from pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing to pharmacies and blood centers under the consistent vision of delivering true “Patient Safety.”

To accelerate growth of this business, SATO Healthcare Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 to expand offerings in Japan for product management and traceability solutions across the entire health care supply chain, from pharmaceutical and medical device companies to pharmacies, clinical laboratories, and hospitals. Again, with the goal of driving rapid growth of the business on the global stage, in 2015, SATO Healthcare Australia was established as the first SATO Group company dedicated to servicing health care customers outside of Japan.

“Health care services have the highest standards for accuracy and assurance of any industry,” said Hiroyuki Konuma, president of SATO Healthcare. “More organizations are turning to SATO to explore areas of their supply chain to enhance in terms of safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness to provide even higher levels of assurance for patients. We are excited to demonstrate our commitment to state-of-the-art customer-centric solutions for the health care industry in Europe and to the world.”

SATO targets sales of 400 million Japanese yen for the unit by the end of FY 2022.

Company overview
Name: SATO Healthcare Switzerland AG
Address: Balz-Zimmermannstrasse 7, 8152 Glattbrugg, Switzerland
General Manager/Director: Kevin Allart

Business: Sales of auto-ID systems which include printers, consumables, software, scanners

1. Switzerland Global Enterprise

2. Three-way verification of patient ID wristband, inpatient barcode label and nurse ID/operation ID

3. Global sales for FY 2017

About SATO

SATO (TOKYO:6287) is a global auto-ID solutions provider for leading manufacturing, logistics, retail, food & beverage, health care companies. With a bottom-up understanding of on-site use applications, SATO tags items with identifiers to improve supply chain flows of tomorrow by solving managerial and operational challenges of today. An industry pioneer with 79 years of expertise and a 5,000+ strong global workforce in 27 countries, SATO engineers solutions to streamline operations, boost accuracy, support sustainability initiatives, provide assurance and emotional connections, extending value all the way to the consumer. For the fiscal year ending March 31, 2019, it reported revenues of JPY 116,179 million (USD 1.05 billion*). More information about SATO can be found at, LinkedIn and Twitter.

*Conversion is based on an average exchange rate of 1 US Dollar = 110.92 Japanese Yen


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