Press Release: SATO Increases Production Capability for ECONANO® -The World's First CO2 Reducing Label

Tokyo, Japan – February 18, 2013 – SATO, a leader in barcode printing, labeling, and EPC/RFID solutions announced today plans to increase production of its unique ECONANO® labels – the world's first label series able to reduce CO2 emissions released at the point of incineration. ACTiiEVe Corporation, responsible for the manufacturing of base materials used in ECONANO®, has established a new factory in Fukushima prefecture, Japan. This will enable SATO to significantly increase its ECONANO® manufacturing capabilities as of February 2013.

The new factory began the manufacture of the special CO2 absorbent utilized in the production of ECONANO® on February 10, 2013, with the full production system to produce ECONANO® labels in place by the end of the month. This new production system will enable SATO to produce a much higher volume of ECONANO® labels, with up to 10% of its total label production as ECONANO® labels.

"SATO's mission has always been to contribute to society through its main business," said Etsuo Fujii, President of SATO Corporation. "Increasing our production capabilities for ECONANO® in this way demonstrates that we are increasingly trying to make this contribution through environmentally-focused products and solutions. As demand for ECONANO® labels increases, it is our sincere hope that we will one day produce 100% of our label products as ECONANO® labels."

ECONANO® was developed by SATO Group in collaboration with Professor Masahiko Abe at the Department of Science and Engineering, Tokyo University of Science, and the University's venture company, ACTiiEVe Corporation. ECONANO® labels contain a special CO2 absorbent in their adhesive. When incinerated, this absorbent reduces the amount of CO2 emitted by approximately 20%. SATO Group began sale of ECONANO® in Japan in November 2011 and has seen sales to businesses including major electronic appliance retailers and supermarkets since that time.

About SATO
SATO is a pioneer and leading global provider of integrated Automatic Identification and Data Collection solutions that leverage barcode and RFID technologies. SATO manufactures innovative, reliable auto-identification systems and offers complete solutions to businesses by integrating hardware, software, media supplies and maintenance services. Customers rely on SATO for accuracy, labor and resource savings helping to preserve the environment.

Founded in 1940, SATO is publicly listed on the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange in Japan. It has sales and support offices in over 20 countries and is represented globally through a world-class network of partners. For the fiscal year ended March 31, 2013, it reported revenues of US$ 1.0524 billion. More information about SATO Corporation can be found at

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