Setting Up CG408 for Use with OfficeMate Software

Setting Up CG408 for Use with OfficeMate Software

Resetting the Printer

1. Make sure the power cable is connected to the printer and the printer is turned off with no lights showing on the top.

2. Open the top lid of the printer and keep the lid open during this procedure.

3. Hold the FEED/LINE button on the top, then press and immediately release the POWER button on the top. Keep holding the FEED/LINE button until you hear 1 beep, then release the FEED/LINE button.

4. You should see a solid red error light on the top of the printer. Press the FEED/LINE button 2 more times and the lights will blink between red and green.

5. Hold the FEED/LINE button until you hear 1 more beep and then release the button. You may now close the top lid and latch it down. You will hear 3 beeps in a row once the lid is closed. This indicates the printer has been reset to factory defaults.

6. Power the printer off by holding the POWER button on the top until there are no more lights showing.

Configuring the CG4 Printer for RS232 communication

These steps require you to use the SATO All-in-One Tool (AIOT) to configure RS232 printer settings. You may download/install the software from the SATO America website:
**Note: You will need to have local administrative rights on your computer to install and use the utility.

2. Connect your printer to the PC with a standard USB cable.

3. Power on the printer by holding the POWER button.

4. Launch the AIOT utility.

5. Click on Printer from the menu bar and select Add Printer. Enter a description for printer name (e.g. CG408) and select CG4 Series from drop-down list for Model:

6. Click on USB Port. The information beside the port should already be populated by your computer to show you the printer. Click on OK at the bottom to add the printer to the list of installed printers.

7. Click on the CG4 printer listed under the word Main so it is highlighted in blue.

8. On the right side of the screen you will see the Configuration options. Click on Interface Configuration button.

9. Make sure you are on the Serial RS232 tab at the top. and change the Baud Rate to 9600bps and the Flow Control to XON/XOFF.

Then click the Apply button. You will get a message saying Request Sent to Printer. Click on OK on that message and then click Close at the bottom to exit this screen.

10. Back on the main screen, right click on the printer and highlight Interface Mode, then select RS-232C/LAN/IEEE1284. You will get a message saying Request sent to printer.

11. Power the CG4 printer OFF and connect a null modem cable to the RS232 interface on back of printer and to the RS232 port on your PC.

12. Power the CG4 printer ON so the changes will take affect. If you are still unable to communicate/print with OfficeMate software, you may need to configure OfficeMate to point to the correct serial port settings to match those made on the CG408 printer. Contact OfficeMate technical support for assistance.