S84ex/86ex - Factory Reset

WARNING: All counter information (e.g. print head) and printer configuration settings will be reset.

Please document/save any existing counter information and/or printer configuration settings prior to initiating this procedure.

  1. Open the print head and hold [LEFT] + [RIGHT] + [ENTER] buttons and power on S84ex/86ex print engine - release buttons upon hearing the audible beep to boot into Maintenance Mode.
  2. Once Maintenance Mode is displayed on LCD, select FACTORY MODE using directional key and press [ENTER] button

  3. At the Counter Clear option, select ALL from the list using the directional key and press [ENTER] button
    1. The next screen will prompt you to CONFIRM COUNTER&SETTING CLR ALL - select YES and press [ENTER] button
      NOTE: This action will reset the any current HEAD counter information and default all settings to factory parameters. Ensure you have noted current value(s) if you want to keep mileage of print head.
  4. Once completed, change the selection to NONE and keep pressing [ENTER] button to advance through the rest of the menu options until Test Print:
    1. Counter Indication
    2. Counter Setting
    3. Serial Number
    4. Cont PCB No.
    5. Main PCB Revision
    6. PLD Version
    7. Test Print
      • YES
        1. Test Print Mode (Factory/AIAG/Scale/Right/Left/Gray/N-Pattern)
        2. Change Factory PITCH POSITION
      • NO
        1. Returns to Maintenance Mode menu
  5. Cycle power off/on* to restore operation of print engine

* It is recommended to wait 15 seconds to allow printer to completely shutdown before powering on