S84ex/86ex - Factory Reset

WARNING: All counter information (e.g. print head) and printer configuration settings will be reset.

Please document/save any existing counter information and/or printer configuration settings prior to initiating this procedure.

  1. Open the print head and hold [LEFT] + [RIGHT] + [ENTER] buttons and power on S84ex/86ex print engine - release buttons upon hearing the audible beep to boot into Maintenance Mode.
  2. Once Maintenance Mode is displayed on LCD, select FACTORY MODE using directional key and press [ENTER] button

  3. At the Counter Clear option, select ALL from list using the directional key and press [ENTER] button
  4. Keep pressing [ENTER] button to advance through the rest of the menu options until Test Print:
    1. Counter Indication
    2. Counter Setting
    3. Serial Number
    4. Cont PCB No.
    5. Main PCB Revision
    6. PLD Version
    7. Test Print
      • YES
        1. Test Print Mode (Factory/AIAG/Scale/Right/Left/Gray/N-Pattern)
        2. Change Factory PITCH POSITION
      • NO
        1. Returns to Maintenance Mode menu
  5. Cycle power off/on* to restore operation of print engine

* It is recommended to wait 15 seconds to allow printer to completely shutdown before powering on