Legacy Thermal Printer Trade-Up Promotion


Trade-Up and Save with SATO

SATO America is offering an exclusive trade-up rebate program to realize and capitalize on the costs savings the SATO CLNX™ Series printers and PW2NX mobile printers provide. As the saying goes, "out with the old, in with the new," the SATO CL4NX, CL6NX and PW2NX will help you reap savings by replacing antiquated or outdated thermal printer models which are costly to maintain with a state-of-art, world-class thermal printer from SATO.

The SATO CLNX Series offers a myriad of benefits:

  • Auto-switching printer language emulations (SBPL, SZPL SIPL, SDPL, STCL, SEPL) for easy drop-in replacement to any competitive printer model
  • Works with CSI/CSO ribbons or Face-in/Face-out wind media so you can continue to use inventoried consumables
  • Tool-less printhead or platen roller removal which can be replaced by the operator reducing downtime and maintenance costs
  • Full-color LCD panel with onboard guidance videos that play either on demand or when an error condition occurs
  • Standard interfaces include USB, RS232, Parallel, Wired Ethernet, and Bluetooth. Optional 802.11ac/bgn WLAN available.
  • Future-proof with support for either HF/NFC or UHF RFID (CL4NX only)
  • Robust standalone printing solution is utilizing AEP (Application Enabled Printing) to print labels directly from the printer. reducing the cost of ownership by eliminating the need for a PC and related software

The simplicity of using and integrating a SATO printer should be enough of a compelling reason to purchase one and start to see the ROI on your label printing costs. Discover why customers around the world have turned to us for their label printing needs for over 30 years – and save yourself some cash while you are at it!

Here's how the Program Works

The Trade-Up and Save with SATO rebate is a comprehensive and easy trade-in program that pays End Users cash back on their purchases of SATO CLNX Series printer(s) and PW2NX Mobile printer(s).

  • End Users receive rebates on new SATO CLNX and PW2NX printer models when replacing legacy SATO series thermal printer model(s).
  • Eligible End Users will receive up to $300.00 trade-in rebate per SATO legacy series model printer.
  • Rebate cannot be combined with any SATO promotional offer.
  • Special sales incentives, programs, or price exceptions are excluded for this rebate offer.

Terms and Conditions

  • Purchase a qualifying SATO CLNX Series printer or PW2NX printer between 05/23/2019 and 12/31/2019.
  • This trade-in offer is a 1:1 ratio allowance on qualifying printers you now own.
  • Download and complete the required information on Trade-Up and Save with SATO Rebate Form.
  • If completed digitally, please email completed form to [email protected]. If printed, please include the form in the shipment of the controller board to SATO America.
  • Rebate submissions must be received within 45 days of purchase of the CLNX/PW2NX printer model(s).
  • Remove the printer’s controller board from the obsoleted/retired thermal printer model.
  • Review and follow the instructions indicated on the submission form to return the controller board to:
    SATO America, LLC
    ATTN: Service Dept/Trade-In Rebate
    10350-A Nations Ford Road
    Charlotte, NC 28273 USA
    We recommend you obtain tracking information for confirmation of receipt.
  • Trade-In and SAVE with SATO rebate payments may be subject to tax at year-end. SATO America will issue a 1099-MISC form to the recipient according to IRS regulations. To expedite processing of your rebate claim, please include your W-9.
  • Validation of your return will be performed at SATO America. After processing the qualifying trade-in allowance, a check (US$) will be issued by SATO America to the participant as indicated on the submission form.
  • All purchase orders received during this campaign period including the final program date of December 31, 2019, must ship from SATO America no later than Tuesday, December 31, 2019, to qualify for this promotional program.

Qualifying SATO Legacy Models for Trade-Up

CL Series

CL408e, CL412e, CL608e, CL612e

GL Series

GL408e, GL412e

GT Series

GT408e, GT412e, GT424e

LM Series

LM408e, LM412e

MB SeriesMB200i
M SeriesM5900RVe, M8400RV, M8400RVe, M8400, M8450