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TechTips: S84ex/86ex - Simple Standalone Save/Load Procedure

There are two methods in which you can create/store/recall label format(s) for Standalone Mode operation.

TechTips: S84ex/86ex - Rotating the Operator Display Panel

Steps to Rotating the Operator Display for SATO S84ex/86ex Print Engine

TechTips: S84ex/86ex - Downloading Firmware using the All-In-One Tool

Steps for downloading firmware using the All-In-One Tool to SATO S84ex/86ex Print Engines

TechTips: M10e - Installing the RTC chip

Steps to Installing the Real Time Clock chip in the SATO M10e printer


Using RFID media with the CL4NX RFID printer model.

TechTip: S84ex/86ex - LAN Port Designations

The SATO S84ex/86ex models LAN interface enables you to define which ports to send/receive data and monitor printer status.

TechTip: S84/86ex Factory Mode/Counter information

The SATO S84ex/86ex models maintains counters based on printer operation. It is recommended anytime you replace the print head to clear the current head counter information.

TechTip: S84/86ex WLAN Setup

Setup wireless LAN (WLAN) interface for your printer.

TechTip: S84/86ex Hex Dump

The hex dump mode allows you to print/save the contents of the receive data/receive buffer in a hexadecimal format.

TechTip: CG2 HF RFID Setup

Setup and validate SATO CG2 printer with HF RFID (13.56Hz) reader. This document is designed for use with the Takaya-made RFID module.

TechTip: SATO Printer Setting and Configuration Webpage Login

Access the printer settings/configuration via the webpage interface.

TechTip: Understanding Thermal Print Head Life

The print head is a very delicate and important portion of any thermal printer. Proper care must be taken with any portion of the printer, but it is especially important with this component. The goal of this document is to show you how to get the most mileage out of that critical component.

TechTip: S84ex/S86ex - Firmware Download Procedure

Steps to download printer firmware using either SD Card or USB Flash Drive on S84-ex/S86-ex print engine models

TechTip: S84ex/S86ex - Download Mode

This download feature allows the operator to download data (firmware, font/logo,TrueType font, configuration) from the host computer through the interface, SD card or USB memory and write in the Flash ROM memory.

TechTip: S84ex/S86ex - Upload Mode

The upload feature allows the operator to upload data from the printer and write it to an SD card or USB memory.

TechTip: S84ex/86ex - Priority Setting

Assign priority to the following system commands for S84ex/86ex print engines: Print Darkness, Print Darkness, Print Speed, Print Offset, Print Mode, Print Method

TechTip: S84ex/86ex - Simple Standalone Save/Load Procedure

The SATO S84ex/86ex models can save label format data and store on memory option to be loaded/printed directly from the print engine without need of sending the data stream via host.

TechTip: S84ex/86ex - LED/LCD Error Status Indication

The SATO S84ex/86ex models have a dual-color LED to provide printer status notifications.

TechTip: S84ex/86ex - Emulation Switching

Select the Emulation mode (printer language) to use on the S84ex/86ex print engine models

TechTip: S84ex/86ex - Emulation Firmware Update

Update the list of Emulations for competitive printer languages to use on the S84ex/86ex print engine models.

TechTip: S84ex/86ex - Factory Reset

Reset all counter information (e.g. print head) and printer configuration settings for S84ex/86ex print engines.

TechTip: S84ex/86ex - Save Default User Settings

Save user preferences for various menu settings on the SATO S84-ex/S86-ex print engine models.

TechTip: S84ex/86ex - Restore Default Settings

Default Settings will revert configuration parameters for print engine back to either FACTORY or USER defined settings, provided user defaults were previously saved.

TechTip: S84ex/86ex - Sensor Setup

The label/media needs to be calibrated to ensure proper voltage threshold values are registered correctly for S84ex/86ex print engines.

TechTip: S84ex/86ex - Continuous Print / Back Feed / EXT Port Enable/Disable

Change operation to Continuous print for S84ex/86ex print engines.