OS Series Thermal printers print barcode labels at an affordable price.

OS Series | Value Thermal Desktop Printer

OS2140D | OS-214plus
The OS2140D direct thermal and OS214plus thermal transfer printers have an attractive price rarely seen for 4” desktop models. The OS2140D can print up to 4 inches per second, and the OS214plus can print up to 3 ips. These competitively priced printers are reliable and easy to use.

OS Series – Outstanding Value, Trusted Dependability

Print Method: Direct Thermal/Thermal Transfer (OS-214plus)
Direct Thermal (OS2140D)
Print Resolution: 203 dpi
Print Width: 4.16”
Media Width: 1.0” to 4.33”
Print Speed: (max.)

3ips (OS-214plus)
4ips (OS2140D)


RS232/Parallel/USB on-board (OS-214plus)
RS232 & USB on-board (OS2140D)

OS-214plus  | Thermal Desktop Printer: The OS-214plus direct thermal printer can print up to 3 inches per second. This competitively priced printer is reliable and easy to use. 

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  • Specimen Labeling
  • Product Labeling
  • Layaway Marking
  • Wristband Printing
  • Office Mailings
  • Price Markdowns
  • Shelf Labeling
  • File Folder Labeling
SATO provides schools and libraries with barcode printing and RFID solutions including tracking books, CDs and videos, and inventory maintenance systems.
Education & Libraries
SATO Food Service and Distribution solutions enable complete control and traceability to safely manage products from suppliers to customer.
Food Service & Distribution
SATO thermal printing systems for security, healthcare, retail, logistics, transportation, law enforcement, food service and distribution.
Tamper-proof ID badges for inmates, tagging evidence at the crime scene or RFID wristbands for tracking prisoners, SATO has thermal printing solutions for Law Enforcement.
Law Enforcement
SATO’s Secure Logistics Tracking Solutions ensure efficient management of valuable assets with barcode and RFID technologies.
SATO’s thermal barcode printing solutions help track inventory and streamline distribution and logistics planning for manufacturing!
SATO offers complete Retail Solutions for supply chain management and point-of-sale applications featuring printers, tags, labels, accessories and consumables.
From curbside check-in, faster hotel registration, to boarding passes, SATO’s thermal barcode printing solutions help satisfy customer needs for travel and hospitality efficiently.
Travel & Leisure
SATO Wholesale Tracking and Shipping Solutions help to manage products and information so your operation and inventory remains lean and competitive.