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Take-A-Number Systems: A Turn-O-Matic system allows your customers to wait in relaxed comfort without having to worry about missing their turn. Comes in 2 or 3 digit Models.Take-A-Number Systems

Turn-O-Matic Benefits:

  • Provides fair, organized and efficient customer service
  • Promotes impulse purchases
  • Boosts customer satisfaction and enhances the perception of quality
  • Assures customers their turn for service without needing to defend their place in a line
  • Increases employee productivity by removing customer serving-order issues and stress

The Turn-O-Matic system (TOM) is highly versatile; with proven results in a broad array of applications including retail, banking, trade fairs, hospitals and government institutions.  TOM allows users to give their customers more personalized service and as an added benefit provides employees a happier, hassle free environment. Turn-O-Matic’s economical cost, flexibility, and ease of use make it the system of choice, the world over, for improving customer service quality.

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Turn-O-Matic Features:

  • Beeper and blinking digits announce number change
  • Liberal digit size (80 mm W x 130 mm H/3.12”x 5.07”) and matched brightness LEDs provide an even display, enhancing readability
  • Simple 2-wire data linking of indicators for multiple display applications
  • Safe, low-voltage (12VAC) power supply
  • Indicators available in two digit (00-99) and three digit (000-999) formats
  • 3- Digit systems are compatible with 2-Digit Models for simple plug-in upgrade



Turn-O-Matic D80 Wireless System Datasheet
Turn-O-Matic D80 Hard Wired System Datasheet
Turn-O-Matic D900 Wireless System Datasheet

Take-A-Number Systems