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An Accurate and Efficient 2D Barcode Scanner

SATO's Eagle Eye 6821 cordless 2D Barcode scanner is a ruggedized scanner that offers you features generally found on more expensive competitive models. Each SATO Eagle Eye is IP65 rated, meaning they can survive a 6 foot fall to concrete and still provide consistent quality and performance in its operation.

It is also well suited for use in extreme environments such as; cold storage or high heat temperatures/high humidity conditions. Unlike the standard designs seen today, the Eagle Eye 6821 promotes a more stylish and ergonomic design for function and aesthetics.

The Eagle Eye 6821 ergonomic design may also reduce user's fatigue, thereby increasing your scan capabilities in operation; and by eliminating a need for cabled communications, you'll allow mobility to extend scanning operations up to 300 feet in distance!

Both Eagle Eye 6800 series units offer excellent performance, reading/processing small barcode labels or from electronic devices such as mobile phone or tablet.

Ai6821 Wireless Scanner

Eagle Eye 6821 2D Models

Ai6821 Wireless Scanner

Eagle Eye 6821 2D

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  • Rugged - 6 ft. drop tolerance allows the Eagle Eye 6821 to be used in tough environments with consistent performance and quality. The IP65 sealing resists water and dust for dependable performance in damp and dirty environments.
  • Precise & Efficient - Reduces data input lag with three times the data transmission speed when compared to other wireless scanners.
  • Ease of Use - Omnidirectional scanning lets users perform work more efficiently and DataMagic optimizes data input by capturing the right data and outputting only the data that is needed.
  • Excellent Performance - Area imager reads 1D and 2D barcodes down to 4 mils and provides 55 hours of scan performance on a single battery charge, even in direct sunlight.
  • Simpler Scanning - Patented Cross-line laser indicators help users target bar codes quickly while reducing user fatigue and improving efficiency.
  • Tablet & Phone Support - Connect to iOS, Android™, Windows® and other Bluetooth™ enabled devices with ease.
  • Extended Range Bluetooth - Increase productivity by using the scanner up to 300 ft. away from the base and where work is performed.


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