Industry Solutions

SATO offers the innovation and products that address needs of industry.

SATO's line of thermal printers, labels, software, and RFID print/encode solutions have revolutionized the functionality of printing and encoding systems know today, delivering industry-specific application solutions across such verticals as those seen below.

Manufacturing • Printing & Tracking Solutions: SATO’s barcode printing solutions help tracking inventory or distribution & logistics planning or tracking work in process! Saves time & reduce costs!
MANUFACTURING - Saving time & reducing costs! SATO’s thermal barcode printing solutions help track inventory and streamline distribution & logistics planning!

Retail • Thermal Printer & Labelers: SATO knows retail! Building on over 70 years of experience, having introduced one of the first hand labelers & the world's first thermal label printer.
RETAIL - SATO knows retail! Complete Retail Solutions for supply chain management and point-of-sale applications featuring printers, tags, labels, accessories and consumables.

Healthcare ID Solutions: We’re a leading provider of affordable barcode application solutions for the healthcare marketplace. Barcode Point of Care Verification Systems.
HEALTHCARE - A leading provider of affordable thermal barcode application solutions and Point of Care Verification Systems for the healthcare marketplace.

Logistics • Secure Tracking Solutions: To ensure the efficient management  of valuable assets, around the world, look to barcode and RFID solutions from SATO America. 
LOGISTICS - To ensure the efficient management of valuable assets, around the world, look to thermal barcode and RFID solutions from SATO.

Education & Libraries Inventory Solutions: SATO provides schools & libraries with printing solutions including tracking books, CDs and videos, ID people & assets and inventory maintenance systems.
EDUCATION & LIBRARIES - SATO provides schools & libraries with thermal printing and RFID solutions including tracking books, CDs and videos, ID people & assets and inventory maintenance systems.

Food Service & Distribution - Printing Solutions: SATO printing solutions enable complete control & traceability to safely manage products from suppliers to the customer and back as returns. 
FOOD SERVICE & DISTRIBUTION - SATO food safety solutions track products from suppliers to the customer.

Automotive Industry Compliant Label Printers: SATO enables OEM & Tier III suppliers to design & print AIAG, GM 1724A & other industry-mandated compliance labels for a variety of applications.
AUTOMOTIVE - SATO thermal printers enable OEM & Tier III suppliers to design & print AIAG, GM 1724A & other industry-mandated compliance labels for a variety of applications.

Wholesale • Tracking & Shipping Solutions: SATO’s barcode printing solutions help manage the flow of products & information which enables your operation & inventory to remain lean & competitive.
WHOLESALE - SATO’s thermal barcode printing solutions help manage the flow of products & information enabling your operation & inventory to remain lean & competitive.

Travel & Leisure Industry Printing Solutions: SATO’s barcode printing solutions help satisfy customer needs efficiently, from curbside check-in, faster hotel registration, to mobile boarding passes.
HOSPITALITY - From curbside check-in, faster hotel registration, to boarding passes, SATO’s thermal barcode printing solutions help satisfy customer needs efficiently.

Aerospace Printing Applications - Industrial Strength: From tracking aircraft components that require constant maintenance to manage SPEC2000-compliant documents, SATO’s solutions help save time and money.
AEROSPACE - From tracking aircraft components to managing SPEC2000-compliant documents, SATO’s thermal barcode solutions help save time and money.

Government - SATO GSA Contracts: The Government uses our printing systems for security, healthcare, retail, logistics, transportation, law enforcement, food service & distribution.
GOVERNMENT - SATO thermal printing systems for security, healthcare, retail, logistics, transportation, law enforcement, food service & distribution.

Law Enforcement Secure Printing Solutions: From tamper-proof ID badges for inmates to tagging evidence at the crime scene, or RFID wrist bands for tracking prisoners, SATO has a printing solution.
LAW ENFORCEMENT - Tamper-proof ID badges for inmates, tagging evidence at the crime scene or RFID wristbands for tracking prisoners, SATO has thermal printing solutions for Law Enforcement.

Track & Trace Solutions for Manufacturing: SATO's creates the ability to track & trace goods in the interest of consumer safety & Government traceability requirements & it's easy to put in place.
TRACK & Trace - Track & trace goods with RFID or barcodes in the interest of consumer safety & Government traceability requirements.

Utilities Industry Printing Solutions: SATO Printers create ID cards to control access, printing receipts & records in the field, and use RFID smart labels to track moveable assets & inventory.
UTILITIES - SATO Printers create ID cards to control access, print receipts & records in the field and use RFID smart labels to track moveable assets & inventory.

Horticulture Labels & Tags: SATO manufacturers four-color process, picture tags, pressure sensitive labels, signs & banners, these are designed to withstand harsh environments.
HORTICULTURE – SATO’s Label and Tag printing solutions for nurseries, green houses or garden centers are engineered to weather the outdoors.


Case Studies

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Pharmaceutical distributor cuts day of safety stock

Canada's Medis increases shipping productivity and inventory control accuracy with barcode-based automated warehouse.

JVC Implements RFID Technology to Label Shipments

A Leading Developer and Manufacturer of Audio/Visual Goods Implements RFID Technology to Label Shipments for One of the Largest Electronic Retailers

Retail Industry Solutions: Fighting Return Fraud

Not all merchandize returns are legitimate and return fraud costs Retailers billions of dollars every year- $8.9 billion dollars according to the 2012 Return Fraud survey conducted by the National Retail Federation (NRF). SATO Retail Solutions can help to fight return fraud.

Retail Industry Solution: Pre-ticketing through PrintConnect

Price tags and labels are a vital component in Retail, allowing merchandise to be assessed by the consumer- especially size, and price- and correctly processed at the cash register. Store printing and application of price tags and labels is usually limited to mark-downs or replacement of missing price tags, because store associates labor costs are higher and efficiency (at ticketing) is lower than at other points in the supply chain.

Patient education service cures informed-consent issues

Medical facilities have resolved the informed-consent dilemma with animated, multimedia and multi-technology vignettes from Vital in Bellevue, WA. The simple patient education and consent service, called VITAL Center, helps surgery candidates understand the medical procedure they'll undergo, optimizes a physician's limited patient time and improves the patient/physician relationship.

Hunting Manufacturer Streamlines Shipping and Inventory System

With SATO’s iTRAK software, Avery Outdoors now has an efficient and reliable Warehouse Management System that is extraordinarily accurate and provides real time visibility of inventory, easier cycle counts, the need for less warehouse space and unsolicited accolades from their customers.

Krispy Verification System

The doughnut maker's box labels go round and round -- but they always end up in exactly the right place, thanks to a custom labeling solution. How fast do production lines have to go?

Dry-Bean Country

A new packaging line at L.H. Hayward runs 1-, 2- and 4-lb bags of dry beans on two vertical form/fill/seal machines.

Sea Breeze deploys low-volume printing solution

Label printers for manufacturing applications are typically judged on both their printing quality and their throughput.

SATO Print Engines on 17 tomato-packing lines

Packaging labels play a key role in the supply chain. A new label print-and-apply system by Cheetah Systems using SATO print engines improves label accuracy by almost double.

Library Operations incorporates RFID tags and barcodes

Farmington Community Library instituted an integrated radio frequency identification (RFID) tag and barcode system using printers from SATO America.

Portable Printing on the Move

At many companies with a highly mobile workforce that uses label or receipt printer, portable thermal printers increase the productivity.

Kimble Chase Successfully Implements iTRAK

Kimble Chase Life Science and Research Products LLC, manufactures and distributes pharmaceutical tubes and vials. They needed to know how to set up the facility for wireless infrastructure. Working with SATO America, an iTRAK Barcode/RFID Solution was implemented.

SATO's S8408 Print Engine Featured in Diagraph's E-Series

The SATO S84 series print engine is a key component of Diagraph's new Tamp-Blow print/apply labeler.

New labeling, loading method is a smash hit at Blockbuster

Print-and-apply labelers, equipped with SATO print engines, print variable data at 300 dpi onto pressure sensitive labels and apply them to the left corner of the top of each case.

Thermal-Transfer Printed Badges

Austin Travel goes the distance with SATO's proven CL412 printer for business conference badges.

Making Bets and Winning

Whether you plan to place a straight bet, split bet or a special bet, you want your keno ticket to print out very fast-and your casino host wants its name sharp and clear on that 80-grid ticket. Imagineering Systems, the world's largest computerized keno maker, hit the jackpot on both numbers with a new direct thermal desktop printer, the CT4i from SATO America.

Track/Trace Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

Today’s manufacturers, regardless of what they produce, have no choice but to follow private sector and government required mandates.

SATO's TG3 Tag and Label Printer Demonstration

At BlueStar's VARTECH event in Toronto Canada, SATO America demonstrated the TG3 retail tag and label printer.

The Right Rx for Label Accuracy

In the medical packaging industry, accurate labeling is critical; labels must comply with federal device labeling and tracking protocols. The new labeling procedure including proprietary, easy-to-use software and SATO America CL Series thermal barcode printers, offers a firm foundation for their new label printing process including excellent reliability - a must for medical device manufacturers.

Pine Islands Nursery - Harvesting the Benefits of Better Labeling

Harvesting the Benefits of Better Labeling Colorful, informative tags help fruit tree producer stand out

Claudes Sauces

Switching from glass to a PET bottle and the installation of a new packaging line is paying big dividends for Claude's Sauces, Inc.

Produce Company Overcomes Labeling Challenge

Packaging labels play a key role in the supply chain. A well-designed label communicates important product information, helps manufacturers and shippers comply with government and industry regulations and standards, and (if bar codes are involved) acts as the cornerstone for automated tracking and shipping applications.

Paper Roll Labeling with Wide Web Printer M10e

The challenge was to label master rolls of different types of paper products. The M10e proved to be the ideal solution. Its wide web, 305 dpi resolution proved to be the best replacement printer tested.

Coding Shipping-Tote the Rite Way

Considered one of the country's leading drugstore chains, Rite Aid Corp., Camp Hill, PA, combines its store base, brand name, eight distribution centers and pharmacy technology with a team of a whopping 72,000 full- and part-time associates and 3,400 stores that serve customers in 28 states and the District of Columbia. The stores posted 2003 sales of $15.8 billion.

Packing Verification System

When you are packing 500 compressors an hour, you don't have too much time to check to make sure the shipment is 100% correct. Customers expect perfection these days and are none too forgiving when errors occur, often leveling fines against suppliers to drive the point home.

Athena Controls Labeling

Labeling should be a simple conclusion to a production cycle, not a complex job that could delay shipment.

Ultra High-Volume Shipping Labels

Ever have to meet different labeling demands from 1,000 customers? Each one has a different price tag and shipping label configuration.

Wide label printers

What could you do if you had a wider label to work with? The world of wide web printing continues to expand, if you will, with ever-larger print areas and consequently, a greater ability to meet the needs of diverse bar code label applications. Today's wide web printers fit into many situations never before considered.

Montgomery Wire

When wire is braided together, it's much stronger and more effective than if used separately.

Sandvik ISO-9000 Initiatives Boost Efficiency 30%

Improved safety and traceability were key objectives during installation of an automated robotic palletizing system at Sandvik Rock Tools. A control network scans a bar code label on a case of mine bolt resin and the robot automatically transfers the case to the right location in the warehouse for shipping or putaway.

Quality Control, Work-in-Process Tracking

Harimatec needed a system that would provide an efficient and accurate process to measure and track materials.

New packaging line for Jelly Belly Candy

A new $2-million packaging line at the giant Jelly Belly Candy Co. has cut labor costs by 75 percent and reduced changeover times dramatically compared to other lines in the plant.

Fruit packer conquers Produce Traceability challenge

Sun Valley Packing Co., a fruit grower and packer with 10 different case-packing and labeling/coding lines, finds success meeting the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) with their choice of a PA6000 E-Series all-electric labeler from Diagraph, utilizing a Model S8408 print engine from SATO America, and messaging software from ProduceJet.

Dish Network implements SATO 2-Sided Thermal (2ST) printing

DISH Network, a Fortune 200 company and the third largest paid TV provider with millions of customers and thousands of employees nationwide, determined they needed a more efficient, customer-centric process for receiving and shipping refurbished set-top boxes to their customer base from their service centers.

Panther Industries Demonstrates SATO 8408 Print Engine

During Pack Expo International Panther Industries, a leading manufacturer of print-on-demand labeling equipment, demonstrated their new 1000 Series print/apply solution featuring the SATO S8408 print engine.

Precision print/apply system for newspaper bundles

New labeling approach helps The Washington Post implement high-efficiency 'microzone' advertising project.

3PL Adds Customer Value with RFID

As more retailers and their suppliers turn to radio frequency identification (RFID) to help improve supply chain efficiency, an opportunity has arisen for third-party logistics providers to assist these companies with their RFID deployments.

Use RFID/GPS Solutions To Land More Customers

This RFID (radio frequency identification) integrator plans to grow its sales 100% this year by combining RFID and GPS (global positioning system) technologies.

Show Off The Benefits Of Wireless Printing

Forget about the days of pulling cable. Integrators like DataCapture Technologies, Inc. are almost exclusively installing — and increasing profits from — wireless bar code printing solutions.

Tracking Steel Tubing and Pipes

Maruichi America Corp. manufactures high-quality structural and mechanical steel tubing. While the company was using bar code labels at its manufacturing facilities, it was unable to accurately track raw materials or finished goods because its previous labels could not withstand the harsh environmental conditions outside the facility.

Color Point Tracks Finished Goods

Color Point grows and distributes plants via truck to major retailers across a five-state area utilizing large, metal mobile carts which act as racking of the product for delivery purposes and for in store positioning of the product.

Track/Trace Solutions for the Logistics Supply Chain

Consumer satisfaction with the quality of your products is clearly important, but the service you provide before and after the sale is equally important to any business, but often overlooked as benefiting the bottom line. However, providing efficient tracking and tracing of shipped products enhances customer loyalty and your company image. Obviously, satisfied customers are a company’s greatest asset.

Wacoal America Launches e-Commerce Solution

A premier manufacturer of women’s intimate apparel, Wacoal America, decided to create their first direct-to-consumer website to sell direct and educate women about their claim to fame, namely, “fitting comfort to women.”

Wipe-on Labeling System for Clamshell Packaging

Andrew & Williamson Fresh Produce Co. installed a SATO thermal printer to accommodate their wipe-on applicator. They can now custom label, lot, and code-date labels to order.

Printing Labels Using the Bitburger Data Highway

When asked why the German brewery Bitburger Brauerei decided to use label printers by SATO, Herbert Dahmen, IT Project Coordinator at Bitburger, simply answers by stating three qualities: “Versatile, fast and reliable.”

Fish gets case-ready

Angling for a share of the case-ready retail market, Beaver Street Fisheries commits itself to the business, hook, line and sinker, with high-speed tray-wrapping lines that produce 2,400 trays per hour of case-ready fish.

Right Things, Right Tote, Right Time

Crotty Corporation needed to meet General Motors' quality and inventory control standards in order to maintain and grow their car visor manufacturing business. And, Crotty's new system had to stand up to the harsh environment of a typical automotive plant. The solution--a bar code driven system that identified and verified visor packages for each make and model of GM car or truck.