TechTip: CG2 HF RFID Setup

Below are the steps to setup and validate SATO CG2 printer with HF RFID (13.56Hz) reader. This document is designed for use with the Takaya-made RFID module.

  1. Install the HF RFID kit into CG2 printer per the installation instructions. Below is example of HF RFID module installed. Ensure cabling is connected to appropriate mated connector for both antenna and main PCB.

  2. Connect CG2 printer via USB to PC and power on printer. Using the SATO All-in-One tool, add/discover printers and once CG2 printer is added to list of installed printers, perform Factory Test Print to verify settings. You should get a printout similar to the one below:

  3. Once verified printer is operational, you will need to setup printer for RFID operation. Using the All-in-One tool, right-click on CG2 printer and select RFID Mode Setup from quick-pick list menu.

  1. In the RFID Mode Setup dialog box, choose the following selections and click Set button:

  1. After confirmation RFID mode command sent, close RFID Mode Setup dialog box.

  2. Perform a test print and verify test print page indicate RFID (T) beside Model entry:

Compatible HF (13.56Hz) Inlays:

  • I-CODE SL-I {OMRON V720S-D13P01}

    • Card Size: W45mm x P76mm, Half Size: W45mm x P45mm)

  • Tag-It HF-I {TEXAS INSTRUMENTS RI-102-112}

    • Card Size: W45mm x P76mm

  • My-d {Infineon SRF55V}

    • Card Size: W45mm x P76mm

NOTE: Other brands and inlays will need to be evaluated by QA process

The following is how the printer is to be tested by SATO Service/Final Test department using SATO HF RFID Wristband media

  1. Configure the CG2 printer for I-Mark media and Continuous operation using the Configure Printer button in the SATO All-in-One tool

  2. Load SATO HF RFID wristband into the CG2 printer and feed to set top of form
    NOTE: Ensure the RFID inlay is positioned such that it is directly over the RFID antenna (be mindful of I-Mark feed position and that the printer has been set to Continuous mode).

  3. Using supplied CG2 HF RFID format , open using NiceLabel and ensure printer driver properties are set accordingly:

Choose File/Label Setup from NiceLabel menu bar

Once Label Setup dialog box appears, ensure the correct CG2 printer driver is selected and click Properties button

In the CG2 Properties dialog boxes, ensure Media type is set to Labels with Black Marks in Page Setup

Ensure Operation mode is set to Continuous in Print Mode

Click OK button twice to save/close printer settings

  1. Select Object/RFID Tag… from NiceLabel menu bar to ensure RFID tag data is

  1. In the RFID Tag dialog box, ensure Write data to RFID tag is checked and Tag-it HF-I is selected for Type

NOTE: the data source is selected as Fixed with SATO CG2 RFID TEST to be encoded in RFID tag

  1. Select File/Print from NiceLabel menu bar:

To verify the RFID data was encoded properly, use the SATO All-in-One tool to send SBPL command sequence to read the tag data. To do such, place media back through the CG2 printer and press FEED button to position the RFID inlay over the antenna.

  1. Using the SATO All-in-One tool, right-click on installed SATO CG2 printer and choose Send SBPL commands from quick-pick menu

  2. In the Send RAW SBPL Commands to Printer dialog box, enter SOH (01H) + RI and click Query button:

  1. In the Receive section of the dialog box, it will display the data which was encoded in the inlay.
    NOTE: You will need to scroll up to see the ASCII data values

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